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About Dora flowers

We make every occasion special!

What better way to express your deepest sentiments to people you
care about than with a classic gift of lovely flowers. At Dora Flowers,
we are proud to bring you the finest and freshest collection of irresistible flowers for your friends and loved ones. Flowers speak in languages that touch the heart. We speak in a language that ensures your complete satisfaction stemming from our extensive experience and expertise.

Where creativity thrives, beauty blossoms..

We’ve gathered a team of professional florists who create spectacular displays that are sure to ignite your imagination. Soon, we’ll have more than 20 floral experts ready to provide you with larger creative ideas and high quality services particularly for big weddings and events arrangements.



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Delivery Information
We deliver inside and outside the UAE and to over 60 countries worldwide.


Dora Flowers L.L.C.

P.O.BOX 93859
Tel: 04 2975509
Fax: 04 2975507